The Risks of Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Get Informed Before You Take The Pill

Many men believe that taking erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra®, Cialis®, or Levitra® is their only option to help treat their sexual problems; however, this is not the case. While these medications are widely advertised to help many men who are 40 years old and older, in reality, these drugs do not work for as many as 70% of men who take them. Instead of taking a small pill to hopefully fix your sexual problems, come talk to us here at Kansas City Men’s Clinic to talk about the interconnectedness of men’s sexual function with other systems of the body.

In order to have high sexual function, men also need to take care of their heart, brain, hormones, and vascular and nervous systems. Take heart problems for example: the number one cause of death in the United States is heart disease, which is more prominent in older men who think they need drugs like Viagra®. If you take Viagra® and are having chest pains, medical professionals cannot treat you with the necessary medications (like nitroglycerin) to help with those chest pains if you’ve taken Viagra® up to 72 hours prior. This is just one of the many risks you take by taking these erectile dysfunction medications that many not even work for you.

To find a safer route, come to our highly esteemed physicians, who offer private consultations to understand and evaluate your sexual and total health. Because each patient is different, we create customized courses of treatment that are tailored to your particular health issues. We do everything we can to give you the results you want in order to improve every aspect of your sexual health. To learn more about our program and treatment options, click here.

We are ready to help you here at the Kansas City Men’s Clinic. All you have to do is contact our clinic to schedule an appointment and get real results!