If you are a man who is suffering from a form of sexual dysfunction and reading this, chances are you are frustrated with your symptoms and may have already sought out medical attention. Recognizing your sexual dysfunction is a great first step but finding the right help to treat it should be your next priority. Generally speaking your family physician is a great health provider for most of your general healthcare needs, but when you are dealing with a specific problem, outsourcing to a specialist can make a world of difference.

What your family physician can do?

Your family physician can help you decide if you are suffering from a sexual dysfunction condition and help diagnosis it. They can prescribe medications like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra for conditions, such as erectile dysfunction. Your family physician may recommend a urologist to you to help with other conditions such as Peyronie’s disease.

What your family physician cannot do?

In general, most family physicians do not encounter male sexual dysfunction on a day-to-day basis the way a men’s sexual health clinic does. They can not learn from the hands-on experience of dealing with multiple men overcoming a wide vary of sexual dysfunctions to varying degrees. They can not dedicate the time and resources required to develop an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan, specifically for you. Often times this can lead to a misdiagnosis of some sexual dysfunctions, for instance a case of erectile dysfunction may be treated as an isolated condition rather than a symptom of what is really causing it, like low testosterone.

So, how is a men’s sexual health clinic different than a family physician?

At a men’s sexual health clinic, like the Kansas City Men’s Clinic, there is a team of physicians that practice men’s sexual health every day. It’s the difference between taking your car to a mechanic and a certified manufacturer technician. A physician specializing in men’s sexual dysfunction will have in-depth knowledge, time, and resources available to discover what is going on with your entire body to cause your sexual dysfunction. After a correct diagnosis, a men’s sexual health clinic can offer more specific custom treatment options to help you overcome your dysfunction.

By narrowing the scope of focus down to men’s sexual dysfunction, a men’s sexual health clinic can stay on top of the latest available treatment options, research, and education. We have the time to dedicate our entire practice on your condition.

At the Kansas City Men’s Clinic, we specialize in men’s sexual dysfunction conditions like low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and Peyronie’s disease. Our on-site laboratories allow quick test results, and the ability to custom blend medications, if necessary. The Kansas City Men’s Clinic has a 97% success rate for custom male treatments. Many of our patients have come to us after years of frustration, misdiagnosis, and unnecessary treatments. Currently, we are actively trying to reach men to give them specialized care for their sexual dysfunction earlier.

If you are a man, who has been dealing with sexual dysfunction or suspects sexual dysfunction, contact the Kansas City Men’s Clinic today. We are waiting to give you the focused attention you need, rather than a generalized diagnosis and treatment plan. To schedule an appointment call (816) 897-7777 or schedule online.