The four most common sexual dysfunction conditions are: erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, low testosterone, and premature ejaculations… you know what they all have in common? Depression and anxiety

These psychological conditions are often present with most sexual dysfunctions. Failure to seek treatment if you’re a man and suffering from sexual disorders could be very damaging to your health and having intimacy with your partner.

The average person suffering from a male sexual disorder could experience short spells of anxiety or depression, this is normal and not permanent. For those individuals that do experience feelings of anxiety or depression over extended periods of time can lead to long-term symptoms and effects.

Experiencing Long-Term Anxiety or Depression can lead to:

•Weakened immune system
•Weight loss or gain
•Hypersomnia (sleeping too much)
•Digestive issues
•Loss of motivation
•Loss of interest in life and/or activities
•Difficulty with cognitive functions like memory loss, decision making, planning, and setting priorities

These psychological symptoms of anxiety and depression can result in physical illness within the body. The long-term consequences of not treating a sexual health condition causing anxiety and depression will not only physically damage your health, but your relationship and lifestyle could suffer as well. If depression and anxiety get too severe the male can experience weight changes and loss of interest in life leading to hygiene problems and isolation.

Why would untreated sexual dysfunction cause depression and anxiety?

Sex is part of intimate adult relationships. Sex with your partner keeps your connection and intimacy alive. Any problems interfering in your sex life will disrupt the emotional needs that are filled with the intimacy sex provides. This can effect both partners, not just the male experiencing the sexual dysfunction. Specifically pertaining to a man, untreated sexual dysfunctions can cause anxiety and depression due to the inability and pressure to perform.

If you are a male experiencing sexual dysfunction, we want you to know that anxiety and depression are a part of the disorder. You do not have to live with these feelings, and we encourage you to seek help to overcome them. Part of the solution for anxiety and depression brought on by sexual dysfunction is to treat the sexual dysfunction first and see if that improves other areas. Locate a doctor in your area that specializes in the field of men’s sexual dysfunction. Finding a physician that is familiar with all men’s sexual problems can help you address the problems together. Searching on your mobile device for “best mens sex dr” will offer up a wide variety of specialists in your area. If you are in or near Kansas City, visit the Kansas City Men’s Clinic. We specialize in treating the common men’s sexual dysfunction problems like Peyronnie’s Disease, Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, and Premature Ejaculation. Finding a doctor that is right for you is the first step towards healing your sexual dysfunction and overcoming other symptoms related to the dysfunction. Schedule an appointment with Kansas City Men’s Clinic today by calling (816) 897-7777 or online.