If you suffer from Peyronies Disease or Erectile Dysfunction, Kansas City Men’s Clinic can help you. We are the only clinic in Kansas City, Missouri that is able to offer the newest form of Soundwave Therapy… PulseED™. This amazing new treatment is capable of curing your ED and help correct your Peyronies without the need for surgery, and without pain. Call our office today at 816.897.7777 to schedule your initial consult, and find out how PulseED™ can help you. 

What is PulseED™?

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One of the most popular methods for curing Erectile Dysfunction and treating Peyronies Disease has been soundwave therapy. It has been found to rejuvenate blood vessels, break up scar tissue that causes Peyronies, and increase the sexual enjoyment for those patients that use it. PulseED™ is the newest, most effective form of soundwave therapy. Offered exclusively from Kansas City Men’s Clinic, PulseED is able to cure you ED, and solve your Peyronies Disease issues without pain, and without surgery. 

How PulseED™ Works

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The soundwaves from PulseED work to stimulate blood flow to the area, which aids in rejuvenating the blood vessels and breaking up the scar tissue. Gradually (normally about six sessions) the soundwaves are able to dramatically increase the sensation that you feel from sexual contact. This allows for stronger, longer erections than you experienced prior to your treatment. 

What Does PulseED™ Treat?

  • Erectile Dysfunction – By stimulating increased blood flow to the area, PulseED™ increases the sensation you feel from intimate contact with your partner. This leads to harder and longer lasting erections than what you have been experiencing. 
  • Peyronies Disease – The soundwave therapy has been shown to be greatly effective at breaking up the scar tissue (plaque) that causes the painful bend in your penis. After the plaque has been broken up, you will be able to enjoy sex the way you were meant to… pain free. 

If you are looking for a way out of your ED or Peyronies nightmare, Kansas City Men’s Clinic is here for you. PulseED™ is a painless, noninvasive solution that will increase not only your sexual satisfaction, but your ability to fully satisfy your partner as well. Talk to a member of our experienced staff today about starting PulseED Soundwave Therapy. Call 816.897.7777 today to schedule your appointment. Our online form is another convenient way of setting up your visit as well.