Every guy has heard the same line throughout their childhood… You know which one I mean. You’re on the basketball court and something bad happens, you get upset, and what is one of the first things that the coach tells you? Man Up! As Men, we are expected to take things in stride. Get injured? Rub dirt on it. Break up with a girl? Go find a new one. There is no arena in life where guys are allowed to be vulnerable, and express their fears without ridicule… Ok, this may not be totally true, but you get the point.

Along with this assumption that men are supposed to take life’s punches on the chin and keep moving forward is the belief that going to the doctor is some sort of sign of weakness. Men are reluctant to go to the doctor for a regular physical, let alone going to an appointment to talk about their penis. From societal norms to invincibility complexes, men have a tendency to brush off important conversations about ED (erectile dysfunction), Low T (low testosterone), PE (premature ejaculation), Peyronie’s Disease, and other sexual problems they may experience.

If we as men are going to start taking our sexual lives and performance back, we need to start by getting comfortable with the idea of discussing them. At the Kansas City Men’s Clinic, we are here to help guys fix these issues, but we need you to be willing to talk to us about them first. Here are 5 Reasons why men won’t talk about impotence and how the Kansa City Men’s Clinic can help:

  1. Stress and Self Esteem – Almost always, erectile dysfunction and sexual difficulty is accompanied by a large amount of stress, anxiety, and pressure to perform. Partners can sometimes be less than understanding, and assume the worst of the situation. This can affect a man’s self esteem, and consequently his attitude towards trying to find a solution. Taking that first step may be difficult, but at Kansas City Men’s Clinic, we will make you feel as comfortable as possible during this process. At our clinic, you will find an all male staff, sports playing in every patient room, comfy chairs to lounge in, a No Wait  policy in the lobby, and your own private room where our team of sensitive and highly educated professionals will make you feel confident, and ready to overcome your obstacles.
  2. Avoidance – Hoping the problem will go away on its own never works with impotence. It is sometimes a sign of a much bigger problem, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or worse. Other times, a man is in perfect health and a great relationship and has a sexual breakdown. Whatever the cause, waiting to fix the problem won’t help. Doctors highlight that sexual health is crucial to a man’s life (men live longer when sexually active and happy). This is a medical problem with available treatment, waiting will only make it worse. Talk to the experts at the Kansas City Men’s Clinic today about your specific issues, and what treatment options we have that can help you.
  3. Doctors Don’t Ask – Most men go to general practitioners as a one stop shop to get their doctor’s appointment out of the way. Many of these doctors don’t think or know to ask about their patient’s sexual health in detail. This can be for any number of reasons, but the primary cause is the practitioner was never trained in this area of men’s health. Their solution for ED has been the ‘little blue pill,’ which is only effective without side effects in less than 15% of patients. Because the question isn’t asked, many men don’t take the step towards prompting a conversation about their sexual dysfunction. At Kansas City Men’s Clinic, we have trained sexual health experts who know how to ask the right questions to help you get your sex life back on track.
  4. Culture Surrounding Impotence – Women’s health underwent a radical change when breast cancer was brought into the spotlight. It wasn’t considered a hushed problem to deal with alone anymore. Healthcare professionals changed the culture around women asking about their health problems. Breast augmentation became a norm, and women felt whole again after an intimate battle. Although it may not be the same battle, men deserve to feel whole again after battling with impotence and sexual dysfunction. The culture must change. We need to tell men that if you have problems you are not alone, and you are not to blame. More than 60% of men will experience at least one or more performance issue, and the Kansas City Men’s Clinic is here to help.
  5. There Isn’t A Solution – Many men don’t take the time to research their concerns about their sexual problems and because of this are not educated on the many ways to help correct and overcome issues like ED, pain during sex, painful erections, lack of sex drive, and others. Some believe they are too old to be helped because impotence is seen as an unavoidable side effect of aging. Others try pills only to find they don’t work for them, or come with unwanted side effects. Men who battle these problems and think there is no hope for them couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many solutions to these sexual issues and the Kansas City Men’s Clinic can help develop a plan just for you. We take time to understand each problem our patients face, and come up with an individual solution that works for them. That is part of the reason we have over a 97% success rate.  

You cannot cure ED, LowT, PE, and/or Peyronie’s Disease by keeping them in the bedroom. Talk to our team of specialists today to start down the path towards a healthier sex life. Schedule your appointment today by calling our Kansas City, Missouri office at 816.897.7777, or request an appointment online by going to Kansas CityMensClinic.com.