Erectile Dysfunction – Symptoms and Causes

Do you have trouble keeping an erection?

How about trouble getting an erection?

Does your partner have a reduced sexual drive?

This could be cause to start seeking medical advice…

Male sex arousal is a complex process involving the brain, hormones, blood vessels, muscles, nerves and emotions. When there is a problem with any of these functions it can result in erectile dysfunction. In addition, stress and mental health issues can also cause ED.

Erectile dysfunction can mask many more serious health issues in men. Often times, ED is caused by any one of the following:

-Heart disease
-High cholesterol
-Metabolic syndrome
-Multiple sclerosis
-Parkinson’s Disease
-High blood pressure
-Sleep disorders
-Treatments for prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate

Our male sexual health doctors at the Kansas City Men’s Clinic highly recommend you seek medical attention sooner than later in the event ED may be of concern. You may uncover more serious health issues you were not even aware of.

How does ED play a role in the psychological well-being of a man?

Sexual excitement and feelings are triggered by the brain which triggers a series of events to create sexual arousal in men. Depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions can be a serious result of erectile dysfunction. This can further cause relationship problems and stress between a man and woman and leave the man feeling less than adequate in the bedroom.

At the Kansas City Men’s Clinic, we offer a consultative approach to helping resolve ED as well as offer support and guidance for partners to help comfort their loved one during treatment. Keeping a positive attitude is key to overcoming any psychological effects from having erectile dysfunction.

Does a man need more direct touch to the penis as he ages?

Yes absolutely! As a man ages it may be more challenging to not only develop an erection but to maintain one. Erections can take longer to develop in aging men and the penis may not get quite as firm when compared to erections in years prior.

How can I support my man?

We welcome spouses and significant others at our clinic.
Often times we are able to talk with both partners to not only understand the sexual dysfunction but more importantly coach the partner and guide them on how they can help with erectile dysfunction recovery for their significant other. Patience is key to treatment and this is something we stress to both our patients and their significant other. We strive to remove the frustration that may be a result of ED and provide education. We pride ourselves in educating that ED is normal and there is an FDA approved treatment pathway available through our office.

Get rid of erectile dysfunction:

Get rid of ED for good! Through a careful health assessment and face time with our staff we are able to customize a plan to treat your ED no matter the severity. If you are searching in Google for “men’s ED doctor near me” or erectile dysfunction dr near me” we can help you. Our state of the art clinic offers private and confidential patient appointments, an all male staff and men’s interest magazines in all waiting areas.

We invite you to call our Kansas City Men’s Health Clinic at (816) 533-4420 or schedule an appointment online. We treat erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, premature ejaculation and Peyronie’s Disease. Our men’s sexual health doctors can help you!