Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men is more common than you think.

This issue affects men of all ages and half the men 40 and older report this as a common problem. While ED may be embarrassing to talk about, it doesn’t have to affect your life. At the Kansas City Men’s Clinic, we specialize in men’s sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated. Treatment begins with a comprehensive exam of your overall health. ED can be associated with a physical cause such as a heart condition or can be a result of a psychological condition such as depression or stress. Additionally, medications associated for treating these conditions can also contribute to ED. Since ED can be the result of numerous causes and every man is different, our experienced physician’s create customized solutions for you and your health.

There is no reason to let the lack of an erection or low testosterone interfere with your sex life. Our dedicated and licensed physicians are here to help. We have helped clients from Kansas City, Topeka, KS, Wichita, KS, Columbia, MO and surrounding areas all over Missouri and we can help you too. Please call us to schedule a private consultation with one of our physicians.

We know it can feel embarrassing for men to discuss erectile dysfunction. At our Kansas City Men’s Clinic, our all male staff provides a comfortable and welcoming environment with a compassionate team of doctors. Our highly-trained physicians will listen to your concerns along with conducting a comprehensive exam. We offer various medications, techniques, and programs to provide erectile dysfunction treatment. Our doctors will discuss your concerns as it relates to ED medications, causes of ED, harder erections, stronger erections and the best treatment for ED. There are many ED treatment options available. We invite men to make an appointment with our ED treatment center, we guarantee our results or your visit is free.

We invite you to have the courage to take the first step in erectile dysfunction treatment. By calling us you will take charge of your sexual health. You are one step closer to maintaining harder erections and improving your sex life. Physical problems with the heart, prostate, vascular and nervous systems can cause ED in men. Without being assessed by a trained medical professional you may suffer for years with erectile dysfunction.

We invite you to take the steps now to improve your health and get intimacy back in your life. At Kansas City Men’s Clinic, one visit can change your sex life!