Patient Testimonials

Without getting into too much detail, I couldn’t be more pleased with the program regimen and the RESULTS!! Things are “better” than they’ve been in years!! Both the meds and the treatments are doing exactly what they said they would! I was sceptical in the beginning, but experiencing is believing!

Skip M.

I’ve been a patient for over a year. Fantastic service. In the office now. Dalton got me back in a room quickly. I love that there is not a lot of waiting around when I come here.

Fred C.

The Kansas City Men’s Clinic took me back to my twenties and I’m different man l would refer any man that may have any type of ED problem the plus is the best thing every!!!!! PS.my adult men there is a solution for us men!!!

Sukarno G.

Great service. Dalton working the front desk remembers my name and is always happy to help.

Mike F.

This has been a great experience. They always ask if anything needs change and have adjusted my prescription as needed. It has brought back the spark in our marriage.

Joe K.