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More Than One Sexual Health Problem At Same Time?

Not just one sexual health problem, but two or more??? Do you find yourself asking your medical practitioner this question: “Can I have more than one sexual health problem at the same time?” Unfortunately, yes, and it’s not uncommon for men to deal with more than one condition at the [...]

Which Treatment is Faster?

A Pill or Sublingual Medications? Getting the right treatment Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low testosterone and Pyeronie’s Disease are all very treatable. The trick is to find the right sexual health practitioner then find the right form of treatment. For years prescription drugs like “the little blue pill” (Viagra) as [...]

Penis Fracture – What This Could Mean

Penis Fracture & Peyronie’s Disease The penis has no bones. So how could it become fractured? The penis is made of three cylindrical tubes. One tube is the urethra. The urethra carries urine and semen through the penis. The other two tubes are called the corpora cavernosa chambers. These are [...]

Peyronie’s Disease – FAQ

Who Is Affected? Peyronie’s Disease affects men mostly 50 and older. In the US there are more than 200,000 cases each year of what many men refer to as the “bent penis syndrome.” Peyronie’s Disease effects approximately 6% of men between the ages of 40-70 years old. The number of [...]

Low T and Your Relationship

Low Testosterone and Your Relationship Male PMS? Well, not quite, but irritable male syndrome is real! Low T can not only decrease a man’s libido, but present symptoms such as irritability, depression, low self-confidence, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, and reduced energy. Sound eerily similar to the hormone imbalance symptoms you [...]

Total Testosterone vs Free Testosterone

Testosterone Facts: What’s the difference? Testosterone is a hormone found naturally in your body. For men, testosterone plays a role in regulating many body functions, and effects areas ranging from your voice to sex drive to weight gain. As a man you are likely familiar with the impact testosterone has [...]

Erectile Dysfunction – Symptoms and Causes

Do you have trouble keeping an erection? How about trouble getting an erection? Does your partner have a reduced sexual drive? This could be cause to start seeking medical advice… Male sex arousal is a complex process involving the brain, hormones, blood vessels, muscles, nerves and emotions. When there is [...]

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pill

Do you think you have found the best ED pill? You’ve surely heard the commercials for Levitra (Vardenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) Viagra (Sildenafil) and Stendra (Avanafil) and promises these are the absolute best medications for erectile dysfunction. These medications can work great, they enhance the effects of nitric oxide which is [...]